As announced previously, I have been working on a port of Gil Tene‘s Java HdrHistogram. At that time I had been working on a port in my own repo. Since then Gil and the previous custodian of the .NET port Matt Warren, have created a stand alone repository in the HdrHistogram organisation just for .NET. Gil and Matt are still involved, but I have picked up the torch and am running with it for a while.

So why the hand over? Matt has been very busy with one of his new projects BenchmarkDotNet. Instead of simply just a port of another project, this is a sophisticated open source bench-marking tool for .NET. It is brilliant, check it out.

HdrHistogram.NET is the new repository and it sits right in the HdrHistogram organisation with the repository for other languages such as Java, C, Python and Erlang. A lot of care has been given to ensure the code is up to the quality that the community expects and that it is still fast. The repository is now also integrated with a build server on AppVeyor, has release notes in GitHub and packages available from Nuget (with symbols for debugging, of course).

The goal of the project is to create a useful tool in .NET that will try to keep feature parity with the Java implementation. In the near future, the goal is to produce a strong set of documentation that should allow interested parties to either get a quick high level idea of what it is and how to use it, or enthusiasts to get a clear understanding of the underlying algorithms and data structures. Other near future milestones will be .NET Core support and the ability to integrate easily with ASP.NET.

If you have any ideas, issues or comments then feel free to raise an issue on the GitHub repository or tweet me.