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DDD – Perth 2016

Reporting back to the community in Perth Australia the concepts, patterns and behaviors I learnt in my time in London. A top 10 list of “Lee’s Low Latency Lessons from London”.

London .NET User Group 2015

Originally presented at the North Shore .NET User Group (New Zealand) and internally for the team at Adaptive. Due to its popularity especially with the questions it raises, I have re-presented this for User Groups in Geneva and Perth WA, and privately in the software development, commodity trading, mining/resources and sport betting industries.

This presentation is a deviation from my standard format of “show a problem, propose a solution, write some code” and instead tells a tale of the challenges that you can face when embracing a push or “reactive” design.

Implementing the Reactive Manifesto (00:58:15)

Another recording from a Robert Walters sponsored evening in Perth, Australia, adds content on team maturity required to adopt these patterns. Also there are some interesting questions regarding cost of querying the event store and how to deal with back pressure.

YOW – Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney 2014

YOW! is Australia’s premier conference for Developers by Developers. It covers a wide range of topics with a diverse number of speakers.

This is the third and final iteration of the Event Driven User Interfaces talk based on Reactive Trader. This talk assumes less knowledge of trading applications and introduces some more evidence based content.

Event Driven User Interfaces ( 00:49:25)

ReactConf – San Francisco 2014

The follow-up conference from the hugely successful ReactConf in London.

This is the second iteration of the Event Driven User Interfaces talk based on Reactive Trader. This talk focuses more on the details of message passing and resiliency.

ReactSF 2014 : Lee Campbell & Matt Barrett – Reactive, Event Driven User Interfaces

BASH – Belfast 2014

Invited to share our ReactConf presentation with our friends in Belfast for their Autumn “invitational” at BASH.

ReactConf – London 2014

ReactConf London was a one off conference with the intent to bring authorities from around the world to demystify what the term Reactive means in the software development industry. Industry leaders such as Joe Armstrong, Erik Meijer, Martin Thompson, Jonas Boner, Todd Montgomery, Greg Young, Ben Christianson, Dean Wampler, Peter Hinjens and more, shared their experiences on delivering Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Message Driven systems.

This was Matt and My first international conference presentation, and the release of the now famous ReactiveTrader demo app

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