For those of you that use the Rx forums you will have no doubt found an answer or even had your question answered by either James Miles or Dave Sexton. These two have put their mighty brains together to produce some handy extensions to Rx. They went with the fairly obvious (but tongue-in-cheek) name Rxx.

The key features that anyone that has been using Rx for a while will immediately be interested in are the

  • Tracing/Logging
  • PropertyChanged and PropertyDescriptor extensions
  • FileSystemWatcher
  • and the uber-funky OperationalObservable eg. var os = xs + ys – zs;

For a more complete list look at the documentation.

This could well be a community contribution that could help guide the actual Rx implementations that start coming out of Microsoft (like the Community Extensions around for P&P propjects). James and Dave seem to be taking this quite seriously. They have been checking regularly (with sensible comments!), constructed the codeplex site very well and have already got their issue trackers running.

This is one to keep an eye on.

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